How to delete a blank page in Microsoft word

You may want to delete a blank page in microsoft word. This can be sometime messy but we would try to make it easy using this article.

You can simply select the content of page using CTRL+A key and press delete to get rid of the page.

How to delete a single page of content in Microsoft Word

  1. Place your cursor anywhere on the page you wish to delete.
  2. Click in the Find group on Home tab and now click on Go To.

3. Type /Page and click Go To.

4. The content of the page is selected. Click Close, and press DELETE.

How to delete a blank page in Word that could not be deleted

Sometimes you could not delete the blank page by the normal method. Here are the simple steps to delete to such pages.

  1. Open the Word file and Click on Office button.
  2. Go to the print section and select print preview.

3. Click on shrink one page and the second blank page would be automatically be deleted.

This is how easily you can delete a blank page in microsoft word.

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